DenyAll Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition – v5.6
DenyAll Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition

Do you want to test the external security of your company, including web sites, mail server, DNS, VPN access or network equipments ?
Log-on DenyAll website and order you external test.
You will automatically receive a report (cf. report sample) on your security.

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager Cloud Edition

This on-demand service (SaaS) allows you to abtain easily company external security level, as seen by any user on the Internet.
You only pay for the tests you perfom, and then you have a better cost control. DenyAll Edge Tester tests in particular the most classical websites vulnerabilities (intranet, internet) according to the OWASP (independent organization focused on web security): SQL injection, XSS (cross site scripting), file inclusion, session stealing, information leakage. Theses vulnerabilities are about 85% of the websites vulnerabilities (Gartner).

Finally, for security purpose, the report generated after tests is transmitted encrypted and is not stored on our servers

Performed tests cover the major aspects of your external security:

  • Websites (SQLi, XSS, LFI/RFI, FPD) ;
  • Mail service (spam relay)
  • Patch management
  • Remote connection (SSH and Telnet)
  • Supervision by SNMP
Service access

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